Commentary Rant Video Creation

A commentary rant video is a video about somebody commentating and/or giving their own opinions a certain situation or video. Commentary rant videos were one of, if not the most popular types of videos during 2016 on YouTube in both ways of popularity as in thousands of people came to view these sorts of videos and thousands of people were making these sorts of videos and with there being thousands upon thousands of these sorts of “commentary rants” the people who got popular making these had to soon needed change up how they would make their videos as mostly everybody in the YouTube community seemed like they could create these commentary rants just like them so the top commentator “LeafyIsHere” had soon decided to add something special to his rant videos by adding motion and special effects.

Commentary rant video were popular videos but they were also some of the easiest sorts of videos that could be made on YouTube. All you had to do to create a commentary rant video was to record yourself talking about a certain hot topic (like the leafy vs idubbbztv situation) for about ten minutes then overlay the audio with either some gameplay footage (most common gameplay being Overwatch) or your Facecam and then just upload the video to YouTube. This whole process can take up only thirty minutes and if you’re a decently popular YouTube commenter (like WildSpartanz) you could earn about forty dollars for each one. Because these rant videos were so easy to make everybody was making them and this is why the top commenter Leafyishere had to add some special effects and animations to his rants but he himself was not creating the effects at first.

A small YouTuber by the name “Hey Watch Your Mouth” was another commentator who mainly made rant videos using his Facecam and microphone, had soon decided to make their own sort of animations but they were not made in drawings but with editing software effects. The small commentator was inspired by Pewdiepie and his skit of him moving around images in photoshop to create some sort of animated scene, “HeyWatchYourMouth” soon created animations that emulated the style of Pewdiepie’s photoshop skit and he did this by animating the position of images. Each position movement was animated once at a time as he wanted to give off the effect that these images were being dragged around while also having the animations usable in a proper video format. After Hey Watch Your Mouth had created a few of these animations he was noticed by Leafyishere and put into a call to ask if he could make these animations for his videos. HeyWatchYourMouth later made three animations for Leafy before only being used help him make dot points for some big rant videos. There were not only three animations that were done for Leafy’s videos as he soon found a way to make new and easier animations by himself (maybe sometimes by another editor). How these animations were made is that someone would insert a green screened image or a PNG and insert that into a layer and then have that layer shake (this can be an autogenerated shake) to indicate a character talking. This method was a bit more useful as it took less time and leafy could insert these characters in mid rant and not have too much of the animation style lost.

In late 2016 HeyWatchYourMouth had soon created an exposed rant on LeafyisHere. The video walked the viewer through his five-month experience with Leafy and a few of his experiences that he had explained were about the animations he had given leafy. One of the issues he had was that he was not always probably credited so when other people saw the animations on his videos they would say that he had copied leafy. Another issue was that when he once asked for guaranteed credit in a video, leafy had offered 20 dollars instead (Leafy was making about 2000 dollars per video). This video soon caused tons of hate to be send to leafy so much so that if leafy would create an animation by himself and put it his video he would be accused of not crediting people. The effect animations had soon disappeared from Leafyishere’s videos and his channel had then become just like any old commentary rant channel.

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