Gone with the rage

Over recent years the gaming community has grown wildly.  It is common for gamers to play online and with other people from around the world. Even conventions such as EB Games Expo have been created especially for gamers so people can by merchandise, enter gaming tournaments and talk to others alike.

Ralph Baer introduced the first electronic game called ‘Pong’ in 1966. This became extremely popular for all ages and because of that, a whole new industry was created. Today, we have game consoles from handhelds to consoles and all of them suit different interests and game play.

All gamers at some point experience rage while playing, it can be from lag (when the game slows down), being stuck on a quest/task or simply a character dying. Although feeling this emotion is normal, there is a fine line from the screen and the real world.

A recent incident happened to an application from the Apple App store called ‘Flappy Bird’. This game was taken down just after a few weeks of being launched. The reason was because the creator, Nguyen Ha Dong, was being harassed and was receiving death threats from both social media sites and also real life. This abusive behaviour came from the players who had become addicted and furious from constantly dying while playing this game.

Flappy Bird isn’t the only game that has so much aggression towards it. A popular game for young males is ‘Call Of Duty’; A first person shooter game that you can connect and play with people online. However, the rage in this is not towards the creators but to the other players. By using headsets, players are able to talk to each other while they play. With this enabled, often the younger players become angry and use this to verbally abuse other players.

Example video:

Rage in C.O.D.

What do you think; has game rage gone too far?