Military Plays Video Games?

Teenagers, children and adults are not the only one’s to play video games now. In America law enforcement, Army and other agencies have been trained by Video Game Simulators to let them experience real life situations without actually been there, such as trying to dig out a roadside bomb in the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan, or working as a team on a mission to take out your enemy target.

An American company called Virtra has developed a “Real World Simulator” which is been used today by the Army. The Virtra 300 is the simulator that the United States Army uses; it consists of five high definition screens which allows the person using the simulator a full 300 degree of movement inside of a simulated environment. There is even a Virtra range which is a virtual Military firing range which is the the best in the world because you don’t have to worry about safety, live ammo and not paying for it.

There is also a gaming company who made a 300 degree screen simulator similar to the Virtra system and instead of it been used for training they used it to play a Battle Field 3 Single player mission. To make the simulator even more realistic they added paintball guns to shoot the person in the simulator where they would get shot in the game. To move in the game there is a treadmill floor with an xbox 360 kinect camera sensing your moves so when you walk fowards, left or right your character would do the same in the game.


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