Predators Online


As more doors open for children on the internet, the more danger there is. One of the biggest risks about going on the internet as a child are the online predators.

An online predator is an adult who thralls the internet looking for children under the age of 17 to participate in online chatting or video cam.  Often starting out with light talk, they usually coheres the child into sexual talk for their own gratification. Sometimes things go to the extreme and they end up meeting the child in real life, often leading to missing children and homicide.

The most common way that online paedophiles entice children into communicating with them is by ‘grooming’. Grooming is done by constantly giving the child complements about their appearance and making them feel special. When online predators do this, it makes to child open up to them because it is as if the predator understands them and cares for them. Often, predators use fake accounts to lie about themselves, appearing as a younger, more attractive person. By doing this, the child is more likely to connect to the younger person.

A television show was created to help get the word out about online predators and how to stop it. This show was called ‘How to Catch a Predator’ where a group of police would work undercover as underage females and males and go into chat rooms to talk to predators. Eventually, the predators would meet with paid actors and then be arrested on site with the evidence from the online chat.

There are officers from the AFP that visit schools to give children lectures about the importance of safety online. Despite their efforts, there still online predators and people are still constantly arrested for child pornography and abduction.