The future, using NFC

What is NFC? NFC stands for Nearfield Communication, and basically what it is, is a technology that lets you transfer small amounts of data between two enabled NFC devices; you don’t have to touch devices together or press any buttons. That’s where near field comes into this: Near field means you only have to be in the radius of the device, still only about a centimetre away, but you just have to wave one over the other. You’re probably wondering what “devices” I’m talking about. Mobile phones are at the point of taking control of this tech, so far! and the other useful device is the NFC Tab, and what you can do between these two, is a command based system. Using apps such as NFC Task Launcher, you can program certain tabs to do certain things, like putting one at your door, so when you swipe it as you leave, it turns your ringer volume up, brightness up and turn off your wifi, and vice versa you can program one so as you walk in your door, it turns wifi on, mobile data off, turns brightness down and puts your phone on silent. Now sadly, this type of technology is only available on selected android and windows phones, but, imagine what this could turn into? For instance, the main doors at your school could have an invisible wall, and when passed, using a school based network, you’re sent the daily notices, or things like, if classes are cancelled or moved to a new location, or on a bigger scale, you have a virtual ticket to a concert or something, and in order for the turn style or gate to open, you must successfully scan with a positive ID and ticket number, the whole technology has endless ideas and uses, all we need is someone to bring the ideas to life.