The Last of Us

In the 2012 game ‘The last of Us’ more than 50% of the human population on earth have been infected or killed by a mutated strain of Cordyceps, a type of infectious fungi that takes over the brain. While zombie scenarios are a common thing in games and movies, a zombie is usually the case of some kind of disease that kills the human and reanimates the corpse, a thing that sounds pretty unrealistic. Cordyceps, on the other hand are real, but the fungi is really only a threat to ants and other small insects or arachnids. So what about the game? If real life Cordyceps only affects ants, so what is it doing on humans in The Last of Us? It is possible for diseases and infections to jump from one species to another, an estimated 60% of modern diseases came from animals, like the flu came from birds and pigs.  If that’s true then it might be possible for a scenario like in The Last of Us. Like I said before, in The Last of Us, the Cordyceps fungi is a mutated version that affects humans with four clear stages, in order they are Runner, Stalker, Clicker and Bloater then eventually death, switch back to real life the Cordycep parasite dictates where the ant will go until it finds a nice place for the ant to die so it can release spores and infect more ants. The stages humans go through in the game, while glorified a bit to make it more interesting, mirror real life, the fungus will use its host to infect more people, similar to a zombie bite, infected humans will bite normal humans to spread the fungal parasite, all while creepily enough keeping its host alive until it finds a nice damp corner to release more spores.


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