Twitch “Plays” Pokemon

Twitch Plays Pokemon is a social experiment on the popular video game streaming site, It consists of an emulator running a copy of Pokemon Red being streamed live. The catch however, is the people in the chat watching live are the ones actually playing the game. This would work pretty well if there were only say a couple hundred people, however it gets incredibly hectic and quite funny even when there are over 25,000 people playing the game at once. Generally three quarters of the people want to actually play the game, and the remaining quarter just want to disrupt things.

Much to the public’s surprise, they’re actually making progress. In the first two and a half days, when the stream hadn’t particularly been noticed, they had successfully beaten the first three gym leaders. However, as people started realising this stream existed, it became harder and harder to get things done and it took them two days to defeat the fourth gym leader. There is an incredibly useful resource in case you can’t access the stream called the Twitch Plays Pokemon Progress Document, which contains their current goal, what Pokemon they’ve caught and notable achievements. As of writing, their goal is to get to Cinnabar Island, home of the seventh gym leader.

Since the beginning of the stream, roughly 11 days ago now, a democracy system has developed in which users can vote for an input as opposed to every input in the chat being accepted. The twist however is that people can attempt to force anarchy to ensue, and if enough people want anarchy the stream goes back to the old system when every input gets accepted. They can also try and get back into democracy from anarchy. Since the stream began, the idea has been taken and applied to many other things, causing more livestreams to be set up. Some of these include Twitch Plays Pokemon Plays Tetris, a stream where they take inputs from TPP and convert them to Tetris inputs and RNG (Random Number Generator) Plays Pokemon, a stream where they generate a random number and convert that into an input.

You can watch the stream here.

You can find highlights from Day 2 onwards here.


EDIT: They finished Pokemon Red and are now playing through another Pokemon game.

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  • Corey 4 years ago

    i have heard about this stream game because i stream to twitch sometimes and i have been in the pokemon stream and the chat gets very crazy, but i didnt know that there were other streams now like the pokemon one so i will probably check out those other streams later