Why do we play video games?

Why do we love video games so much? is it because our generation has been brought up into a world where technology is so advanced and interactive? maybe we play them to escape the world and forget about our problems or just because nearly every one around us plays Video Games.

I feel that one of the main reasons why we play video games is because we can experience things in a game that you can’t in the real world (without getting into trouble or going to prison). For example, in Grand Theft Auto you can steal a car or pick up a Rocket Launcher and fire it into the side of a building without suffering any consequences. When you play a challenging game and you can’t get past a level you keep on trying but eventually you will maybe rage quit, or complete the level, but when you do complete the challenging level on a game it gives a feeling of accomplishment which makes you want to continue playing that game. In Australia two thirds of our population play video games; but that is nothing compared to America. On average in America 180 million, yes I said 180 million, play at least one hour a day of Video Games. Video Games are very interactive – it’s not like a story where you have to sit and watch and can’t do anything to change the story, you can actually control how the story plays out. You can even talk to people online in your game now and they can help you out or even help you finish the game.

This is why I feel we play video games. What do you think?


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