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Fallen (Trailer)

A trailer for ‘Fallen’ by Mikey Burford, produced as part of the Motion Graphics and Special Effects class.

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Total Carnage

Explosions! Action! Likeable Protagonists! And… Ah… urrr… lunch? AND PURE PROPER POWERFUL PULSE POUNDING TESTOSTERONE!!!!!!!!

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It’s All About Love

Love, it takes us places both good and bad. An Animation by Rebecca Haller-Trost

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Gamers Bar

What happens when Master Chief, Excalibur and a Storm Trooper get together for a chat. An animation by Chris Robb

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The animated film ‘Imagine’ features a world traveller, who visits famous cities around the world. The magnificence of each setting is offset by the reality of modern environmental concerns.

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Mario Bros.

See Mario take on Luigi in this stop motion battle!

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The Engineering Process

A short film by Jake Coppinger, which tells the story of an engineered world, and how engineers turn an idea into reality. For more of Jake’s work visit

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What happens when a precious, innocent bunny is threatened by a big bad wolf? The answer may surprise you.

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