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‘Messenger’ is a documentary by Chanel Vongsouthi and Mickey Sulit (edited by Chanel Vongsouthi). The over-arching idea of the documentary is appreciation. We asked parents from various different backgrounds the question “what sacrifices have you made for your children?”. On a later date, we asked children about their parents and asked the question “what sacrifices […]

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THE ROAD TO FAME An inside look at the making of a musical. THE ROAD TO FAME: DIRECTOR’S CUT The Director’s Cut of ‘The Road to Fame’

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In memory of the awesome, dirt-filled festival ‘Black Stump’

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Eat, Sleep, Skip, Repeat

EAT, SLEEP, SKIP, REPEAT An eye-opening, behind the scenes look at the lives of young athletes in the little-known sport of skipping. EAT, SLEEP, SKIP, REPEAT: DIRECTOR’S CUT This is the extended, Director’s Cut, of the documentary ‘Eat, Sleep, Skip, Repeat’.

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Charles Trippy

by Tarryn McLenahan-Brown

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