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A short film to show awareness for globing warming and climate change.

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Our Own

Six girls overcome their loneliness and find friendship and love when they mysteriously come together.

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A piece exploring a day in the mind of a psychopath, accompanied by dubstep music.

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An original music video for an original song. Two versions, by Mickey Sulit and Chanel Vongsouthi. Edited by Mickey Sulit Edited by Chanel Vongsouthi

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Dark Matter

A music video for Andrew Belle’s song ‘Dark Matter’. The music video was edited by Jake Coppinger and created by Larissa Butt, Jake Coppinger, Grace Johnson and Claire Warren.

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Guess Who’s a Mess

Singing soda-cans, tomatoes and decapitated barbie dolls – Guess Who’s a Mess

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More in Love With You

A music video for Cassie Dawson’s song ‘More in Love With You’. This was the first song recorded and produced at Gungahlin College.

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