Powerful Messages Portrayed in Motion Graphics

Graphic design has been modernised into video animation or motion graphics as it is currently known. Graphic design was introduced in the early 20th century. It was used to describe things visually and present complex ideas in a simple way to improve communicational difficulties.

There are many reasons why society has moved to using motion graphics to depict powerful messages. Nowadays individuals are being forced to become visual learners as creative content commonly appears in an individual’s day to day life. Humans engage in visually appealing content. Motion graphics are a great form of visually compelling content as the animations come to life making it simpler for individuals to understand what is being shown to them. Also, it only takes a few short seconds to get the message across to the viewer. Motion graphics allow other visual forms to be apparent including animation. It is the best of both worlds. This allows animated characters to perform in a creative storyline while making the viewer have a human connection and keeping them engaged in the message being portrayed to them

Motion graphics serve many different purposes; film, television, educational, business, charity or for enjoyment, within each they all have powerful messages. Motion graphics are used to portray powerful messages as they use a series of elements including video, sounds and words. All these elements help to create an animated storyline, an example where this appears is in “The Girl Effect”. This motion graphic successfully portrays an incredibly powerful message to its audience through the use of a storyline. The video states the serious unfortunate facts about girls in abusive situations while showing hope on the other side of the dark tunnel. This video raises awareness, however, explains to the audience what they can do to make a difference. The project is very touching and made me feel very emotional to want to do something to help the poor young girls in these situations.

Depending on the purpose of the motion graphic project, every detail has been thoughtfully and carefully handpicked. This incorporates the style, colours, font and themes. This benefits to make the project be as smooth and cohesive as possible and allows for an influential impact on the viewer. This occurs in the “Apple’s 2016 Product Release Video.” This motion graphic is a massively anticipated project. The message the creators want to get across to the viewer is about the new and upcoming Apple products soon to be released. Apple has kept the design simple and direct. As a viewer, the message influenced me to update my technology as now I am a proud owner of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Motion graphics are often used to portray challenging or complex messages. The reason for this is that it is an effective way to help the audience understand the idea. An example can be seen when speech is describing something, and at the same time, visually there is also an animation helping to connect with the speech. This is evident in “Gift a Day”. This combination allows the audience to have a clear understanding of what is being presented to them.  The message in this project is the company selling their brand to build up a client base. It is a short 50-second advertisement promoting their ‘gift a day’ where instead of individual’s buying flowers or chocolate, they can purchase a day off work for someone special to them. I believe they have successfully sold their message to the viewers as I had never heard of this business until I watched this advertisement. Now I am quite convinced that I might treat someone to this gift one day.

All in all, motion graphics are a successful method to influence powerful messages to an audience. Which motion graphic will be your next encounter and will influence your opinions?

Chantelle Pellegrini, 2017


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