Top Trending Visual Effects

The visual effects industry is facing a very demanding time currently. Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters rely on them heavily. So it is vital that the creators are up to date to know what’s hot and what is not. This is especially important to ensure the effects are suitable for the projects they are designing for.

A visual effect that is becoming more apparent is photorealistic computer generated (CG) characters, in particular humans. This has always been a silent goal for designers to create outstanding and realistic quality. This effect can apply to re-create actors who have passed, designing random humans, animals or even aliens. A movie set to be released mid 2017 that perfectly showcases this effect is War for the Planet of the Apes (2017). The trailer can be viewed here. This film appears to be very captivating and the design of the apes are well done. I will now be waiting patiently to watch it when it comes out in the cinemas.

The de-ageing effect continues to be all the rage. This visual effect will allow movies to show characters in an environment where they appear younger. This is evident in Captain America: Civil War (2016) through the character Robert Downey Jr. Also, Tron: Legacy (2010), through Jeff Bridges’ character. This effect is an asset to a film where they show scenes in the past or future, while allowing the character to look similar, but just changing facial features to suit the time.

Practical effects are back in demand.  Filmmakers and film marketers are observing that audiences are longing for films that contain a heavy presence of physical effects. An up and coming movie that fits these criteria is Transformers: The Last Knight (2017). Check out the reel for yourself.

Visual effects have developed dramatically over the past 100 years from the 1920’s to now. This video shows movies that have been nominated for an OSCAR for ‘Best Visual Effects’. There is a clear pattern in visual effects that show what effects were popular through the years. The nominees for this year is an interesting list, check it out for yourself.

Overall there are many other amazing effects that are popular and have not been discussed that are present in films. Especially the use of green and blue screens. Visual effects are incredible to add a sense of realism to the film. Visual effects are so seamless that viewers generally are unable to tell what is real and what is fake. This video illustrates the before and after of visual effects in The Great Gatsby (2003). I find it remarkable how each individual type of effect combines together to form these amazing developed and realistic films.

All things considered, the top trending visual effects are definitely setting the bar for great quality films. Audiences should only expect more realistic and detailed content in the future.

Chantelle Pellegrini, 2017

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